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Search Engine Marketing

Delivering proven search engine marketing strategies for a robust online presence

Combining SEO with pay per click advertising (PPC) and website optimization to improve the marketing effectiveness of your website. iBitol offers integrated organic and paid search marketing campaigns to boost your online visibility across major search engines.

Bringing millions of potential customers using search engines every day within your reach

iBitol offers specialized Search Engine Marketing solutions to help you improve the overall branding of your company and create targeted leads for your business. Our SEM solutions are shaped around your unique needs, capabilities, and business model. We work towards increasing the number of potential customers that visit your website, improving the rate at which those visitors take desired action, and providing in-depth analysis of the visitor actions. These capabilities form the base of the continual optimization of your marketing efforts.


Realizing your true marketing potential

The search engine marketing team at iBtiol takes a holistic view of your online marketing needs and strikes a perfect balance between Search Engine Optimization and paid search marketing (PPC) campaigns to achieve higher conversion rates. While SEO helps us make your website search engine friendly and gain organic rankings; PPC helps us target the traffic upfront and accrue immediate gains. While good SEO ensures long-term online marketing success, an effective PPC management service provides an immediate Internet presence.

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services deliver qualified traffic to your site and improve the rate at which your traffic converts into customers. You benefit from continuous measurement and analysis of your campaign results, and from our recommendations for ongoing improvements to increase returns on your marketing investments.

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