Market Research

Market Research

Data Collection

Data collection has evolved into a multi-dimensional science that incorporates computer science, database management, statistical analysis, systems modeling, and subject matter expertise in a specific domain to design systems that can help in optimizing specific business processes.enance, for effective web presence.


Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing. With 198 interviewing stations in US and India, Ibitol can deliver high levels of capacity quickly. All of our centers are fully equipped with networked diallers enabling us to deliver work in a cost efficient manner. We conduct interviews in all major languages and work with trusted vendors to field non-english speaking studies. All interviewers receive in-depth training both initially and on an ongoing basis for sector and client specific requirements. We employ stringent quality control measures to ensure that our interviewing is consistently of the highest quality.


Mail data collection is one of our longest-standing data collection methodologies. With centers in both India and the United States, we employ the latest technology to design, print, mail, and data capture paper documents. Our processes are designed to manage all projects of any size requiring design, print, mail, or data capture support. This includes traditional mail questionnaires, product test mailings, and all online mail/print support. All of this along with our experienced and knowledgeable team ensures we provide the best service and capabilities for Mail Research.

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