Managed Services


Managed Services

Improved control over core business activities

iBitol integrated managed services model enables enterprises across the globe transform their business and IT operations for high level of availability and business agility. Our managed IT services include application development, integration, implementation, testing, and IT consulting services. These capabilities empower enterprises to outsource activities like IT management to specialists, while keeping them focused on their core business processes.

Enhanced service delivery and management

iBitol follows an integrated approach for service delivery and management that offers resilience to implement, integrate and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations. As a result, enterprises benefit from the ease of adoption of new business processes, increased level of support and network availability, more stable and predictable IT budgets, and easy access to latest technology and enhanced skills base.

iBitol integrated managed services help enterprises efficiently address security, flexibility and compliance challenges, thereby focusing on service excellence and delivery. Our team follows industry best practices to meet specific business requirements and reduce operational costs and complexities.

Aligned business infrastructure to manage disparate services

iBitol integrated managed services model is a large scope, multi-year SLA based strategic relation between iBitol and its clients. It's a global outsourcing model that offers business service capabilities including management of business service level, business services, business impact, business quality, and integrated services.

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