About us

iBitol is US (Delaware) based organisation and works on different domains of Information Technology. iBitol excels in giving world class Technical support to Businesses, Home Users through out the world. We serve US, Canada, UK, India, Austraila, New-zealand. Also iBitol excels in application development, web development and maintenance services, content management systems, mobile application development, graphics and multimedia development, technology consulting, business process management integration services and managed services, web analytics, search engine optimization and enterprise infrastructure.

Our Mission

Creating business agility via technical excellence and innovative solutions

Providing end to end technology-enabled business solutions for global clients, including many big shots. With our experience and expertise across multiple domains and in-depth understanding of global business requirements, iBitol functions as an extended arm for its clients. Maintaining a successful delivery rate of nearly 100%, we ensure holistic understanding of core business processes.

iBitol combines deep business knowledge and experience in multi-vendor interoperability, with a focus on strategic priorities. The spirit of integrity, learning, excellence and sharing has been a major driving force behind iBitols technical excellence and innovative solutions. With highly skilled and motivated team, leading edge infrastructure and strict adherence to time schedules, iBitol has retained highest customer satisfaction levels for clients worldwide. iBitol's engagement with its clients is more of a strategic partnership which blends trust and integrity.